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New Post has been published on http://www.mccurdian.com/2014/09/11/jennette-and-dove-cameron-meet/“Dovenette” (Jennette and Dove Cameron) Meet Up at Last!
After a full year of being friends on Twitter, it’s hard to believe Jennette and Dove Cameron are just meeting for the first time! They looked adorable together at The Art of Elysium’s 6th Annual GENESIS event in LA on September 6.

Jennette and Dove have a lot in common. For one thing, Dove Cameron stars on Disney Channel in her show Liv and Maddie. She plays dual roles of twins who are exact opposites. It’s a pretty awesome coincidence with Jennette, who had experience playing twins Sam and Melanie Puckett!

The two also share a mutual best friend—Colton Tran! Jennette and Colton have been longtime friends, and are now currently working on producing What’s Next For Sarah together. Colton and Dove have both worked together too, starring in Disney Channel’s movie Cloud 9. Jennette and Dove were both at the GENESIS event to support Colton’s incredible “transylvinyl” art displays.

Fans cheered as “Dovenette”—yes, this has to be their friend-ship name!—finally met up at the GENESIS event. It was hard not to fangirl over their pictures together! The two seemed to hit it off like they were already best friends. We love this fan edit of the two meeting!

— Jeanne (@itzrausllytrez) September 9, 2014

And man, look at their amazing outfits! There’s another similarity between the two—they both have a great sense of style. Jennette Instagrammed a picture of her awesome outfit the next day. She rocked a denim pencil skirt, paired with a blue and fuchsia plaid top. Her look was stunning and even gave a rebellious kind of vibe, with those amazing black lace-up heels. Dove was a perfect opposite to Jennette’s look. She wore a preppy Peter Pan-collared black shirt and a floral skirt, looking sweet and classy. The two looks, though different as night and day, perfectly complemented each other at the event.

We hope Dove and Jennette get a chance to hang out again soon! What do you think of this friendship? Comment below!
New Post has been published on http://www.mccurdian.com/2014/09/03/13-jennette-mccurdy-quotes/13 Nuggets of Wisdom: Jennette McCurdy Tweets Quotes
One thing McCurdians love about Jennette is her positivity. Jennette has tweeted lots of amazing quotes throughout the years, and they’ve helped McCurdians everywhere to smile and keep their heads up. We compiled this list of some of our favorite inspirational quotes that Jennette has tweeted in the past. Check them out for a little dose of strength to begin your day!

1. Live fearlessly.
“take a chance, risk the fall. If it’s what you want, it’s worth it all.”
— Jennette McCurdy (@jennettemccurdy) September 28, 2011
2. Be your own positivity; don’t let others determine your happiness.

Only allow positivity in your world. :D. If someone is negative, think of them as a speck of dirt and brush that off. — Jennette McCurdy (@jennettemccurdy) May 4, 2013

3. If you’ve got a smile, won’t you pass it down?

Make somebody smile today
— Jennette McCurdy (@jennettemccurdy) November 14, 2013
4. Think positive, be positive.

The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts. – Marcus Aurelius — Jennette McCurdy (@jennettemccurdy) August 7, 2013

5. If you love someone, don’t ever be afraid to show it.

“Affection is responsible for nine-tenths of whatever solid and durable happiness there is in our lives.” ~ CS Lewis — Jennette McCurdy (@jennettemccurdy) February 14, 2011

6. No one can live a perfect life, but anyone can live a happy life.

“being happy doesn’t mean that everything is perfect. It means that you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections.”
— Jennette McCurdy (@jennettemccurdy) September 28, 2011
7. Keep going and don’t stop for anyone else.

“what other people think of me is none of my business.”
— Jennette McCurdy (@jennettemccurdy) September 28, 2011

8. Welcome in the good, let go of the bad.

Inhale positivity. Exhale negativity.
— Jennette McCurdy (@jennettemccurdy) June 23, 2013
9. The best take on life in two simple words…

Love and laugh.
— Jennette McCurdy (@jennettemccurdy) April 21, 2013

10. Appreciate your life; don’t ever take it for granted.

Never settle, but always be happy with what you have.
— Jennette McCurdy (@jennettemccurdy) May 13, 2013
11. Look for friends who can make you happy and be honest with you.

Anyone will tell you what you want to hear. A friend will tell you what you need to hear.
— Jennette McCurdy (@jennettemccurdy) November 13, 2013

12. Don’t ever lose sight of your dreams, regardless of any obstacle life places before you.
Sometimes life gets in the way of living
— Jennette McCurdy (@jennettemccurdy) May 4, 2014
13. It’s okay to let go and take it easy every now and then. Smile and have fun.

Life should be all about having fun. If you’re not having fun, you’re doing it wrong.
— Jennette McCurdy (@jennettemccurdy) November 5, 2013

Everyone goes through some hard times, but if there’s anything that Jennette’s quotes have taught us, it’s to stay strong. Be positive; keep your head up and don’t let others bring you down. Which quotes inspired you most? What are some of your favorite positivity quotes?
New Post has been published on http://www.mccurdian.com/2014/08/29/whats-next-for-jennette-essay/So, McCurdians: What’s Next For Jennette?
For a while, there was one question resting on McCurdians’ minds. After the end of Sam & Cat, Jennette was finally free from Nickelodeon. It was a bittersweet goodbye, but McCurdians were excited. What was in store for her future? What’s next for Jennette?

We waited. The fandom buzzed with speculation. “Maybe she’s working on another TV show.” “Maybe she’s modeling for more magazines.” “Maybe she’s writing her first novel!” But who really knew? Jennette remained mysteriously quiet on Twitter and Instagram. McCurdians refreshed her social media pages day after day for any news or updates. But simple speculation and nothing more was all we could do.

It was August 13, after two weeks of social media silence, when Jennette stunned McCurdians with a single tweet. One link.

— Jennette McCurdy (@jennettemccurdy) August 13, 2014

Immediately, McCurdians leaped upon it. In the form of four web show episodes, McCurdians were alive and buzzing about Jennette’s new—surprise!—project. I logged on to twitter that day, expecting another day of speculation on what Jennette was up to. Instead I came back to an all-caps timeline all tweeting the same question: “WHAT’S NEXT FOR SARAH?!”

Excited, I checked out the web series. After the first episode, I was taken with this huge sense of pride. A web series, starring Jennette, produced by Jennette, written by Jennette, edited by Jennette. When we all thought she was out just relaxing, having fun in Florida and Disneyland, she was secretly crafting this amazing, unique project.

After I had watched the four episodes, I knew: What’s Next For Sarah was so much more than your average web show. Suddenly I felt as though I really understood Jennette, and what she’d been dealing with in the past few months. I mean sure, it is a web show; certain parts likely were exaggerated for comedy and satire. But I felt there was a very personal element to it.

Most celebrities would hesitate to reveal some of the realities of Hollywood, but Jennette tackles them candidly through “Sarah Bronson.”  Feeling the pressures of choosing a career path with thousands of fans watching your every move. Dealing with fake friends and relationships. Finding the determination to keep going, even when you’re met with adversity—like when Dakota Fanning steals your role. Hmph.

In the fourth episode of What’s Next For Sarah, Sarah makes the choice to take a step back from Hollywood. It reminded me of this song I used to love, called “Hollywood’s Not America” by the Ferras. Hollywood is complicated. There’s too much pressure and expectation to be the “role model” thousands of people expect you to be. If you stay in for too long, you might lose yourself.

For Jennette—ah, I mean, Sarah—to recognize that shows a unique kind of maturity that you might not find in your typical celebrity today. What’s Next For Sarah, underneath its sarcastic, fun humor, holds a deeper message. And it can best be summed up in Jennette’s last tweet:

“Be yourself because the people who mind don’t matter and the people who matter don’t mind.”
— Jennette McCurdy (@jennettemccurdy) August 17, 2014

As long as Jennette is happy where she is, McCurdians shouldn’t fret. Success isn’t necessarily determined by whether you’re “slaying” at the top of the charts or on the face of every big magazine. It’s about staying true to yourself, and not letting others dictate how you should live your life.  

What’s next for Jennette, you ask? Well, only Jennette knows that. What’s next for McCurdians? We’re always here, right behind her.


Check out What’s Next For Sarah here if you haven’t.
New Post has been published on http://www.mccurdian.com/2014/08/23/whats-next-sarah-character/Which What’s Next For Sarah Character Are You? 
Now that you have watched What’s Next For Sarah too many times to count, find out which character you are most like!

1. What’s your special talent?
A. Singing whistle tones, step aside Mariah!
B. Giving advice, I should have my own column!
C. Delivering witty comments with perfect comedic timing!

2. You and your best friend got in a fight!  What happened?
A. She insulted my outfit which is unforgivable.
B. She flaked on our plans to go out.
C. She is totally self absorbed.

3. How do you party?
A. Like a rockstar, nothing but VIP!
B. All night long with my friends at a sick house party!
C. In my bed with pizza and Tumblr.

4. What are your plans for the future?
A. World domination, I want to be the biggest celebrity on the planet.
B. Living life to the fullest and being happy.
C. I’m still trying to figure that out.

5. Which celebrity do you identify with?
A. Beyonce – obviously, she is beautiful and talented just like me!
B. Rihanna – love her style, my friend says I look like her but I don’t see it.
C. Jennifer Lawrence – she is an amazing actress and hasn’t let Hollywood change her.

Mostly As: You are most like Gloriana!  You are a confident and headstrong person that doesn’t let anything or anyone stand in the way of your success!. People may call you self-centered but really you are just focused on achieving your dream!
Mostly Bs:  You are most like Ollie!  You are a bright and bubbly person that’s always the life of the party.  Even though you give questionable, but well-meaning advice, you are a great and supportive friend that always knows how to cheer a person up.
Mostly Cs: You are most like Sarah!  You are a sweet and down to earth person.  You remain sane and grounded in the crazy world around you.  Even though you are still trying to figure out where you are going in life, you’re comfortable in your own skin.

Which character did you get?  Let me know in the comments and keep watching What’s Next For Sarah!
New Post has been published on http://www.mccurdian.com/2014/08/19/reviews-whats-next-sarah/The Reviews Are In - What’s Next for Sarah!
The entertainment world is all a-buzz over Jennette’s new show What’s Next for Sarah!  Let’s take a look at some highlights of the great things the media had to say about the fresh and funny web series she is writing, producing, and editing herself.
The Hollywood Reporter: The respected magazine put Jennette in the same category as comedy greats Tina Fey and Larry David when they did an in-depth interview with her about What’s Next for Sarah and it is a must read!   She goes into great detail on how the series got off the ground and her mindset for creating it.  Jennette also describes her new show as “a light-hearted call-out to some of the more absurd experiences I’ve faced growing up in the entertainment industry.”
Fanlala: Fanlala gushed about about What’s Next For Sarah - “We love that Jennette is back in our daily lives, and we are completely obsessed with her new web series!”
Experience It All: Scott Meisner said What’s Next for Sarah is “easily digestible; the bite-sized installments clock in at around three to six minutes in length apiece. Who knows–perhaps with enough viewership this won’t be the last we hear of Jennette McCurdy’s alter ego Sarah Bronson and the hysterically exaggerated world she lives in.”  He also interviewed Jennette where she talked about working behind the camera.
Perez Hilton:  Perez called the web series “high-larious” and “funny”.  He also said the show was impressive and “Bravo, Jennette!”  He is such a fan, he even asked Jennette to be a part of it!
RamRants: The reviewer loves the second episode and commented that the series is “Funny and well done” and “this show is sure to make you LOL”.
In addition to glowing reviews online, Jennette also received praise from tons of people on twitter!  Here are some highlights!
I just watched @jennettemccurdy's new web series. It's so good. http://t.co/eFfmwoHREn— Noah Crawford (@_noahcrawford_) August 14, 2014
dying at @jennettemccurdy's new webseries. check it out! https://t.co/6onFqsWnKB— Shane Dawson (@shanedawson) August 15, 2014
@jennettemccurdy yesssss— Madisen Hill (@MadisenHill) August 13, 2014
@jennettemccurdy Anytime, girl -- congrats!!!— Teen (@teen) August 14, 2014
That is just a few of the massive amounts of kudos Jennette is getting for her hilarious new show!  It’s so great to see her being recognized for her talent and creativity.  Make sure you visit these sites and leave comments on how much you love the show!
New Post has been published on http://www.mccurdian.com/2014/08/15/10-people-want-guest-whats-next-sarah/10 People We Want to Guest on What’s Next For Sarah
What’s Next For Sarah is already an instant hit. With Jennette acting alongside some of her most talented and hilarious friends, McCurdians have been thinking. Who would be perfect to guest star on the show next? We asked some McCurdians and put together this list!
1. Jerry Trainor

Jennette and Jerry have perfect comedic chemistry. We’ve seen this both on screen (iCarly, Best Player) and off-screen! We’d love to see Jennette and Jerry play off each other again. Like Jennette, Jerry has a hysterical, unique sense of humor. He even performed at famous comedy club The Groundlings in LA. No doubt, Jerry would be a perfectly hilarious guest in What’s Next For Sarah!

2. Miranda Cosgrove
Another fellow iCarly alum was at the top of the list. Jennette’s longtime onscreen and off-screen best friend Miranda should totally make an appearance! Miranda could play pretty much any role. She could be sweet, shy, and quiet. Or she could be super bubbly and fun. McCurdians and Cosgrovers would love any guest role Miranda could have on WNFS!

3. Matt Bennett
Matt already tweeted in support of WNFS, so why not guest star? Matt’s energetic and has lots of comedic experience himself. He played geeky yet funny Robbie Shapiro back on Victorious.  Jennette and Matt had awesome chemistry during their Nickelodeon days. We’d love to see them reunite on What’s Next For Sarah.

4. Dove Cameron
Dove, close friend of Jennette’s, is currently on hit Disney Channel show Liv and Maddie. To team up with another fellow “tween” star would be perfect for WNFS! It’d be funny and ironic if Dove played a set of actress twins. It’d be like a nod to her own Disney show, where she plays two sisters!

5. Brittany Hampton
Beautiful, stylish, and confident. I honestly can see Brittany playing a Hollywood model in Sarah’s world! Or, perhaps, Sarah’s makeup artist. Somewhere in the realm of Hollywood glamour and fashion is where Brittany’s guest starring character should belong.

6. Nathan Kress
Nathan guest starring on What’s Next for Sarah would make both McCurdians and Kressers rejoice! Lots of fans have been suggesting his appearance. Since Nora and Mrs. Benson played total opposite characters from their iCarly alter egos, maybe Nathan could too. Some picture him playing a reckless Hollywood “bad boy.” Now that would be interesting!

7. Cameron Ocasio
McCurdians miss Cameron back on Sam and Cat! Cameron and Jennette had a super close, almost brother-sister relationship. You could definitely sense that connection on-screen. I can see Cameron on What’s Next For Sarah as a famous child actor who meets Sarah at an audition. Who knows? I hope he can appear as a guest on the show at some point!

8. The McCurdy Family
Hilarity runs in the family, folks. Marcus is just like Jennette—energetic, free-spirited, and of course, funny. It would be a super fun cameo to see him guest on the show! Or what about Jennette’s adorable grandparents? They’re used to appearing in Vines, but they would be just as perfect in Jennette’s web series too. I can totally see Jennette’s grandma as a “sassy” grandparent. McCurdians would love it.

9. Lucas Cruikshank
Lucas has plenty of experience doing web shows. Heck, he even has his own web show too, and Jennette was on it! Now it could be time for Lucas to be on Jennette’s show. Lucas is spunky and sarcastic. He’d be perfect on the show as a guest character that’s similar to his own awesome self.

10. McCurdians
Imagine: one of our fellow McCurdians, acting alongside Jennette in What’s Next For Sarah! A lot of the show seems to be based on real-life experiences, and fans have been a major part of Jennette’s life. It’d be great to see some McCurdians on the show, whether they be a major guest character or simply chatting in the background.

Who else do you think would be a perfect guest on What’s Next For Sarah? Leave a comment and discuss! Maybe in a future episode one of your picks will show up!
New Post has been published on http://www.mccurdian.com/2014/08/15/whos-on-whats-next-for-sarah/You’ll Never Guess Who’s On The Cast of What’s Next for Sarah!
What’s the formula to a successful comedy web series? Is it the script? The film editing? The actors? It’s certainly a combination of all three, and we absolutely love it. The talented cast of What’s Next for Sarah is filled with many familiar faces. Did you spot them all?

Right off the bat, we recognized some of this “surprise cast” in Episode 1. The very first episode introduces Sarah’s two fast-talking Hollywood agents. Well, many McCurdians remembered one of them: Amir Talai! Amir acted on Nickelodeon in 2011. He costarred as Wendell in The Best Player, alongside Jennette’s character, Chris “Prodigy” Saunders.  The two were awesome playing huge video game fans. Now in “What’s Next for Sarah,” Jennette and Amir are just as hilarious when thrown into the Hollywood scene.

I spy another familiar face! At the end of Episode 1, Sarah is left contemplating what to do next with her life. She could go back to school. She could get married. But what if she goes on a downward spiral? Mimicking real life, Jennette parodies many former child actors who have turned to drinking and partying and, in some cases…twerking. A shadowy thought comes to Sarah of herself twerking with a guy in a striped suit…sound familiar? Jennette pokes fun at Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke’s infamous VMA performance. Colton Tran, one of Jennette’s best friends, acts out Robin Thicke’s part. Colton is also the director and editor of “What’s Next for Sarah.” His little cameo cracked McCurdians up!

But wait, there’s more! In episode 2, Sarah gets dumped by her superficial Hollywood heartthrob boyfriend. Though he dons sunglasses in the scene, McCurdians still recognized him immediately. The role of this boyfriend is played by Matt Shively! Jennette and Matt have been close friends for years. You’d remember Matt back on True Jackson VP on Nickelodeon. They acted alongside each other on TJVP, when Jennette played mean girl Pinky Turzo. It was brilliant to see the two reunite onscreen.

Episode 2 ends at a crazy party scene, and we spot tons of familiar faces! We see wild and drunk post-breakup Sarah, pinning up a guy against the wall and dancing. Hey, isn’t that Brian Schulze?! Brian is another one of Jennette’s close friends. Most McCurdians remember him in Jennette’s Instagram dancing videos. Look closely: another friend of Jennette’s can be spotted in the background—Alyson Lippert. Like Colton, both Brian and Alyson also worked behind the scenes as well in production.

Then for, arguably, the two biggest appearances of all. McCurdians were so excited to see “Mrs. Benson” and “Nora” on “What’s Next for Sarah”! Mary Scheer, remembered as Freddie’s neurotic mom on iCarly, plays Sarah’s unhelpful therapist. She’s strangely calm, quiet, and seemingly unconcerned about Sarah’s issues. It’s a total opposite character from Mrs. Benson, who was excitable, constantly yelling, and overly concerned about everything.

Danielle Morrow, remembered as the mentally unstable Nora Dirshlitt on iCarly, played casting director Vicki Thompson on What’s Next for Sarah. Morrow had McCurdians in stitches with her hilarious lines and perfect comedic timing. Though it was a little strange to see her in a more professional role than a, well, psycho one! It was like a mini iCarly reunion, and McCurdians loved it.

Hopefully we get to see all these faces again in future episodes! Did you spot everyone? What do you think of this hilarious surprise cast? Chat away about What’s Next For Sarah in the comments!
New Post has been published on http://www.mccurdian.com/2014/08/13/jennette-mccurdy-comes-back-bang/Jennette McCurdy Comes Back With A Bang!
What’s Next For Sarah? That’s what the world is waiting to know! Check out Jennette’s witty new web-series here! Read on to learn more! Keep in mind that this show is intended for an older audience. Explicit language is used.
Jennette perfectly parodies the Hollywood/celebrity lifestyle in her web show, ‘What’s Next For Sarah?’ It follows young actress Sarah Bronson as she loses her job and has to find herself in the process. With some more adult themes and language, it’s hilarious, clever, and full of satire.
Even though each episode is only around five minutes long, they’re paced pretty well, and the plot flows easily throughout. Where the one episode ends, the next one picks up the plot point right away. While the tone is also more serious at times, the humor is still great. I laughed out loud a few times myself!

The first episode focuses on Sarah’s TV show getting canceled. Her agents try to help her, but seem like they know nothing about how to help. She already has lots of twitter followers, a hot celebrity boyfriend, and a hit TV show. What more in life could you need? Hollywood, right? That’s followed by a very short scene that is downright hilarious. Something you’ll have to watch for yourself and enjoy!

The second episode focuses on Sarah’s shallow celebrity boyfriend breaking up with her. Her friend takes her to a wild party, where they both end up getting very drunk. It’s crazy seeing Jennette acting out all the drunk party clichés, but hilarious all the same. It ends with Holly telling Sarah she needs help…..
Which is how the next episode starts! In a therapist’s office. The therapist doesn’t really at all, but leads Sarah to a juice bar. She buys a juice (at double price since stocks were low) and a person called Gloriana walks in and talks up a storm about her life. Meanwhile, Sarah gets a call and an audition!

Sadly, the audition doesn’t go through. Sarah’s agents tell her to either do a commercial for Burrito Bell or do something crazy, like dye her hair purple. It’s after she dyes it purple, then back to blonde and cuts it short that she decides to take a break from acting and find out what real life is all about.
‘What’s Next For Sarah’ is the perfect comedy for young adults just entering adulthood, and older fans who love a good laugh. So pretty much anybody with a good sense of humor! It takes a lot of courage and strength to make a show like this, so kudos to you, Jennette!
What do you think of Jennette’s web show? What do you think she’ll do next? Do you think there will be more episodes of What’s Next For Sarah? Did you know that Colton Tran helped produce the show! Awesomesauce! That’s all for now. Stay salty!’
New Post has been published on http://www.mccurdian.com/2014/08/05/great-coming-soon-mystery/The Great Coming Soon Mystery!
Jennette recently posted on Facebook two simple words: “Coming Soon.” Two words, and the fandom is going crazy. McCurdians are abuzz with excitement! What could this mean?

Jennette’s Facebook post came after quite a period of social media silence. No tweets, Instagram posts, or Facebook statuses. What’s social media without Jennette? McCurdians have waited patiently for some news about our favorite gal. Last heard, she was vacationing in Orlando. But what was she up to now?

Then suddenly, out of nowhere: coming soon. Eager McCurdians checked her official website in search of more info. But they were met with the same response! Jennette’s site was replaced with the same banner. What could have caused such a huge change to her website? McCurdians believe this “coming soon” must be something huge for our fandom.

jennette spends the longest time without saying anything then she comes bam something coming soon i was not emotionally prepared?!?!!?
— fernanda (@cosgrovemccurdy) August 5, 2014

Scrolling through my twitter timeline, I found many theories. Some wondered whether it might mean a new project for Jennette. Perhaps a new role on TV? Or another feature in a magazine? As for future projects, I know I personally would love to see Jennette continue writing! Hm… maybe “coming soon” could mean her regularly updating a blog on her website. Fingers crossed!  

Could it be a complete site revamp? What with the arrival of the McCurdian Treehouse and our beloved Fanzine, changes to Jennette sites (both fan and official) are spreading like wildfire! Jennette is on to a new phase in her career, off-Nickelodeon. That definitely calls for a new phase in jennettemccurdy.com. I hope the new site will showcase some potential projects for her.  

All these theories are so exciting to think about! However, nothing’s for certain. Hopefully all will be revealed soon. We’ll just have to be patient once more. Whatever’s coming will definitely be worth the wait!

@jennettemccurdy left us a “coming soon” message on FB. This is great most. Let’s encourage her to take her time.❤️ pic.twitter.com/tEjaKmlaTM
— JenMcFair™ Jennette (@JenMcFair) August 5, 2014

What do you think is the big surprise? Leave your own theory in the comments!
New Post has been published on http://www.mccurdian.com/2014/07/29/4-awesome-projects-jennette-resurrect/4 Awesome Projects Jennette Should Resurrect
Jennette has been a busy girl lately! She celebrated her 22nd birthday, threw a raging Independence day party, and hung out with Miranda in NYC and friends in Disney World.  Don’t let all that fun fool you!  Jennette is definitely working on some new and fun things for the future, but that makes me think about all the old projects that hold a special place in hearts of us McCurdians.  Here is a list of few of my personal favorites.
1. PoshMob Tumblr
How could you NOT love a blog full of Jennette’s pretty face and amazing outfits? She gave fashion tips, told you where she bought her amazing clothes, why she chose to pair certain things together and what she was up to that day.  The best part was, not everything cost a zillion dollars.  We know that her love for fashion hasn’t died (her Instagram is filled with goodies, especially additions to her shoe collection). She could partner with her friend and stylist Brittany Hampton, who always makes sure Jennette looks gorgeous.

2. Brazen Raisin Blog
Jennette hasn’t updated her blog for a while. There are only a few posts, but I find myself checking every now and then in hopes that she posts something.  I love that it’s just her random thoughts and little stories about her day.  The entries feel very honest and unguarded. Plus, since it’s her blog she wasn’t restricted in the topics she wrote about.  There is even a post about bikini waxing that still makes me chuckle when I read it.

3. SoundCloud
What McCurdian doesn’t love Jennette’s sweet voice?  I love these tiny little creative songs she did.  Especially the one she did for a fan who won a Facebook contest.  Her talent for improvising music and lyrics is so amazing.

4. Stuck Being Jennette
Stuck Being Jennette was her UStream channel where she would have live video sessions. She would have special guests, call her friends, and do live follow backs.  There is always something special about a live chat that makes you feel closer to her.  One of my favorite UStreams was when she played her entire album and provided commentary on each song.

Which of Jennette’s ventures was your favorite?  What other old projects would you like her to revive?  Let’s talk about it in the comments!